JCP Specifications:Bunk pans are fabricated from 11 gauge HRPO steel and have a 2-1/4� hemmed lip on the front and back edge for additional strength.� The bottom of the pan has six 1� diameter ventilation holes.� The side brackets are fabricated from 7 gauge HRPO steel and are 12� high and have a 2� return that is field welded to the embed by the installer. The 4� x 14� embedded anchors are fabricated from 7 gauge HRPO steel and have two 12 gauge HRPO steel straps per anchor.� The height of the bunk pan is 16� from the finished floor.� All bunks will shipped fully welded and will receive one shop coat of our standard primer.


The installer of the embeds will place the embed on the appropriate block course and lay the block in and around the embed straps.� The installer will insert a #4 rebar (provided by installer) through each anchor strap and verify that the embed is flat and true at the correct spacing for the bunk side brackets.� The block wall must be grouted solid for proper anchorage.


Bunks specified to receive finish paint will receive one shop coat of our standard primer and one shop coat of our standard finish paint with a textured finish.� Finish paint color will be from our standard finish paint color palette.


Note:� Walls must be flat and true within 1/16� +/- for the proper installation of the bunk.� Please refer to JCP catalog section EA-04 for optional accessories for our bunks.� Special bunk sizes, gauges, or construction may be available on a per project basis for additional cost, please contact a JCP estimator for pricing and availability.

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