JCP Specifications:Pistol Lockers are fabricated from 10 gauge HRPO steel shell and doors.� A 3/16� x 2� x 2� mild steel angle surrounds the unit with 1/2� diameter holes at 8� c/c for the installer to provide and install 3/8� diameter expansion anchors to mount the locker to the wall.� A continuous hinge and cam lock is provided at each door and each compartment is carpeted on the bottom and sides.� Two keys per lock and two master keys for the entire unit are furnished.� Pistol lockers are shipped fully welded and assembled with one shop coat of our standard primer.�


Pistol lockers specified to receive finish paint will receive one shop coat of our standard primer and one shop coat of our standard finish paint with a textured finish.� Finish paint color will be from our standard finish paint color palette.


Note:� The wall must be flat and true within 1/16� +/- for the proper installation of the pistol locker.� Special pistol locker sizes, gauges, or construction may be available on a per project basis for additional cost, please contact a JCP estimator for pricing and availability.


Pistol locker sizes (excluding mounting angle):


Three compartment:���� 16� wide x 24� high x 8� deep


Six compartment:������ 32� wide x 24� high x 8� deep


Nine compartment:����� 48� wide x 24� high x 8� deep


Twelve compartment:���� 64� wide x 24� high x 8� deep

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