JCP Specifications: The JCP manual slider consists of a 7-gauge HRPO steel housing mounting bracket with a 10-gauge HRPO steel housing cover over the entire length of the housing.� The 12-gauge HRPO steel end caps with mounting holes for the housing cover are welded to the housing mounting bracket.� The housing is secured with Torx� w/ pin security screws.


The track is Hardkote� anodized aluminum with a Teflon� coating that mounts directly to the housing mounting bracket.� Two aluminum cars with recirculating Torlon� ball bearings are attached to the track and can not be removed unless the track is dismounted.� The cars provide long life maintenance free operation without the normal wear of steel tracks and rollers.� Each car provides a minimum of 2300 lbs. of safe working load and a minimum of 5000 lbs. of breaking strength, which is far beyond the needs of this application.


Attached to the cars and welded to the top of the door is the 7-gauge HRPO steel two piece door hanger.� Adjustment screws help to level the door over the entire length of travel.� The door hanger also incorporates a welded stop that prevents the door hanger from hitting the end of the housing. All of the above materials are shipped assembled and the HRPO steel will receive one shop coat of primer.


Shipped separate is the rubber bumper assembly that works with the door hanger to stop the open door travel.� The installation team welds this assembly to the housing mounting bracket in the field.� The bottom door guide consists of a cam follower assembly with Lubri� Disc� seals to ensure maintenance free operation.� The bottom of the door must be constructed with a channel for the cam follower guide to be inserted by the field installer who will also weld the door guide to the frame.


Manual sliders specified to receive finish paint will receive one shop coat of our standard primer and one shop coat of our standard finish paint with a textured finish.� Finish paint color will be from our standard finish paint color palette.


Note:� Walls must be true and plumb within 1/16� +/- for the proper installation and operation of the JCP manual slider.� The door strike, frame, door and other hardware are not included.� Special requirements for door construction must be sent to the door manufacturer to ensure proper operation of this unit and other hardware.� Installation, welding and adjustment needs to be preformed by a crew that has correctional equipment installation experience.


Please refer to JCP catalog section HA-01.02 for optional accessories for the manual sliders.


Always verify that you have the correct templates and wiring diagrams for your specific project.

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