JCP Specifications:The JCP surface mount door position� switch consists of a 12 gauge HRPO housing and mounting bracket, with a 1/2� diameter solid bar actuator shaft.� Overall size of the housing is 6-1/4� long, 2-7/32� deep, and 1-27/32� tall.� The housing and mounting bracket is secured with Torx w/ pin security screws.


The door position switch is non-handed and may require the installer to reverse the internal bracket to make the unit either right or left handed, and is designed to fit on a 2� frame header.� The entire assembly, excluding the electrical components, will receive one shop coat of JCP standard primer.� Field finish painting is by others.


This unit actuates a remote light indicator or other signaling device the moment the door is moved from the fully closed position.� The switch rating is SPDT 15 amps at 125 VAC, or 5 amps at 24 VDC.


Installation requires the electrician to pull three wires to the unit and connect the wires directly to the internal switch.� Verify that you have the correct door position switch for the hinges on the door and frame.� Mount the housing to the frame with the provided non-security screws.� The actuator bracket is mounted to the door with provided Torx w/ pin security screws.� Some adjustment and testing with the operational control system provided by others may be required prior to applying the housing cover.� The only maintenance required to the unitis the manual adjustment of the switch if incorrect signals are reported to the control unit.


Always verify that you have the correct templates and wiring diagrams for your specific project.

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